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Definitions of case types

CVE: Personal Injury and property Damage.
For cases where the principle issues is a liability or damages for allegedly tortuous conduct resulting in personal injury, property damage or both.
CVF: Contracts.
For cases where the principle issues is a liability or damages for breach of contract. Includes cases involving liability on promissory or cognovit notes and collection of accounts due.
CVG: Landlord-Tenant or Property Issues.
For cases initiated under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, Chapters 1923 or 5321. Includes cases involving eviction, rent, rent escrow, damages to rental property, rent deposit return, recivership or a temporary restraining order involving rental property.
CVH: Other non-small claims civil cases.
For cases not satisfying the definitions set forth for CVE, CVF, or CVG filings. Includes implied consent suspensions pursuant to ORC 4501.1.191, appeals from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles points suspensions pursuant to ORC 4507.02, transfers of judgement and parking violations or appeals.
CVI: Small claims
Case is a small claims court case.


Hon Cynthia M. Heck
Clerk of Courts
Karen Goffena
Fred M. Izenson
Joseph Armanini

Contact Information

Vandalia Municipal Court
245 James E. Bohanan Memorial Drive
P.O. Box 429
Vandalia, Ohio 45377-2393