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Legal Notices: Sized Property Notices

  • NOTICE OF FORFEITURE OF CONTRABAND AND/OR ABANDONED PROPERTY The following law enforcement agencies have in their possession the listed property which is sought to be forfeited through civil forfeiture proceedings filed or to be filed in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Said property was either seized as contraband or is abandoned property that has gone unclaimed for a long period of time. DAYTON POLICE DEPARTMENT 1) Interarms 38 Caliber s/n D808213, Cobra 380 s/n CP013425, Makarov 9MM s/nSH09989, Raven Arms 25 Caliber s/n 649168 seized 10/21/2013 at 432 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Gregory E. Cottrell. 2) 2007 Honda Accord, seized 11/20/2013 at 2166 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Dayton, Ohio from Ashley N. Runckle. 3) U.S. Currency seized 12/01/2013 at 230 Hamilton Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Matthew R. Mercuri. 4) 1999 Mitsubishi, VIN#JA3AY26A8XU025237, seized 11/18/2013 at 2000 S. Gettysburg, Ohio from Krista Gambill. 5) 1998 Plymouth Neon, seized 12/07/2013 at 305 College Street., Dayton, Ohio from Joshua Baker and/or Devonna Tilley and/or Ellysa Duquette. 6) 2001 Dodge Durango, VIN#1B4HS28NX1F553209, seized 12/3/2013 at 300 Royal Street, Dayton, Ohio from Nathan Myron. 7) U.S. Currency, Walther Handgun, s/n 368837, 2004 Buick Century, VIN#2G4WS52J1412J141274580 seized 12/4/2013 at 113 S. Wright Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Robert L. White and/or Larry Green. 8) U.S. Currency and 2001 Dodge Stratus, VIN#1B3EJ46X01N702260 seized 12/26/2013 at 1700 Catalpa Drive., Dayton, Ohio from Arlondo E. Redd. 9) U.S. Currency and Keltec 9mm handgun, s/n AN296, seized 12/13/2013 at 1229 Danner Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Darnell A. White and/or Rendell S. McGarik and/or Anthony L. Moore. 10) 2002 Chrysler Sebring, VIN#1C3EL55R72N317348 seized 12/14/2013 in the are of Brooklyn and Delphos, Dayton, Ohio from Constance B. Rayburn. 11) Handgun, .45 Caliber s/n 2397393, U.S. Currency seized 12/16/2013 719 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Dominic A. Dyer. 12) 2002 Saturn Vue, VIN#5GZCZ23D12S817822 seized 12/03/2013 201 S. Jersey Street, Dayton, Ohio from Gregory Lee Grooms. 13) 1997 Ford 150, VIN#1FTDF17WXVLA11870 seized 12/18/2013 1100 E. Second., Dayton, Ohio from Jack R. Mathis. 14) 1995 Ford Taurus, VIN#1FALP5340SG252447, U.S. Currency, and Walther PPK .380 s/n 5038636 seized 12/14/2013 32 McOwen Street, Dayton, Ohio from Antonio L. Alstork and/or Justin M. Jones. 15) U.S. Currency, and 2000 GMC Jimmy, VIN#1GKDT13W6Y2232220 seized 12/29/2013 1600 McCall Street, Dayton, Ohio from Janese A. Anderson and/or Nickole Glanton. 16) Handgun, .45 Caliber s/n 2397393, U.S. Currency seized 12/16/2013 719 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Dominic A. Dyer. 17) U.S. Currency, 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe, VIN#KM8SC73DX2U288639, Ruger .380 handgun s/n ZOMO2852, Colt .38 handgun s/n 477223, Marlin .22 rifle, s/n 14322497, Remington 12 gauge shotgun s/n W756763M, Colt .357 handgun, s/n 98175, Davis .38 handgun, s/n 0014147, AK 7.62 handgun s/n 19826AN1231, Harington handgun s/n HR03130, Handgun, .45 Caliber s/n 2397393, seized 12/18/2013 3621 W. Second Street, Dayton, Ohio from Ernest J. Cosby, Jr. and/or Ernest J. Cosby, Sr. and/or Vernice A. Cosby and/or Juvon Z. Hooks and/or Deanna Okoye. 18) 2006 Ford Focus, VIN#1FAFP34N76W107877, seized 12/22/2013 119 N. James H. McGee, Dayton, Ohio from Amanda Alford. 19) U.S. Currency and Taurus .38 revolver s/n C299 seized 1/04/2014 11 Gunckel Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Richard T. Grigsby. 20) 1998 Mazda 626, VIN#1YVGF22D2W5734578 seized 12/23/2013 in the area of McCall and Dearborn, Dayton, Ohio from Dustin W. McGillivray. Any person with proof of ownership to any of the above-listed property may contact, before February 17, 2014 the following: MATHIAS H. HECK, JR. Prosecuting Attorney Laura G. Mariani Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 301 West Third St., Suite 500 Dayton, Ohio 45422 (937) 225-5781 01-24 & 01-312014 2Fri ___________________________________
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