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Legal Notices: Sized Property Notices

  • NOTICE OF FORFEITURE OF CONTRABAND AND/OR ABANDONED PROPERTY The following law enforcement agencies have in their possession the listed property which is sought to be forfeited through civil forfeiture proceedings filed or to be filed in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Said property was either seized as contraband or is abandoned property that has gone unclaimed for a long period of time. RIVERSIDE POLICE DEPARTMENT 1) U.S. Currency, 2012 Toyota Tundra, VIN #5TFUW5F14CX213977 seized 10/21/2012 at Airway Road at Mechan Drive, Dayton, Ohio from Camilo Cruz-Cruz. KETTERING POLICE DEPARTMENT 2) U.S. Currency, and 1997 Infinity 130, VIN #JNKCA21D1VT401763 seized 10/21/2012 at 5470 North Kettering Square Drive, Kettering, Ohio from Lamar Reynolds. MIAMISBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT 3) U.S. Currency, seized 9/5/2012 at 408 N. Fourth Street, Miamisburg, Ohio from Christopher Moore and/or Taylor Davidson. MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE RANGE TASK FORCE 4) U.S. Currency, Sony Blue Ray, s/n 1081433, Phillips Blue Ray s/n KX1A1230060879, Emerson TV s/n DS1A1150139180, Sanyo TV s/n M22501S0810489, Techno Com Watch seized 10/03/2012 at 2320 Home Avenue, Dayton, Ohio from Ronald Williams. 5) U.S. Currency, seized 10/3/2012 at 143 N. Kilmer Avenue, Dayton, Ohio from Carlos T. Woods and/or William D. Banks and/or Anita M. Reed. 6) U.S. Currency, seized 10/22/2012 at 3652 Pittsburg Avenue, Dayton, Ohio from Dewayne Jackson and/or Robert Janka. 7) U.S. Currency, seized 10/3/2012 at 223 s. Ardmore Avenue, Dayton, Ohio from Dwight E. Stargell. Any person with proof of ownership to any of the above-listed property may contact, before December 6, 2012, the following: MATHIAS H. HECK, JR. Prosecuting Attorney Laura G. Mariani Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 301 West Third St., Suite 500 Dayton, Ohio 45422 (937) 225-5781 11-16 11-23-2012 2 FRI ___________________________________
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