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Legal Notices: Sized Property Notices

  • NOTICE OF FORFEITURE OF CONTRABAND AND/OR ABANDONED PROPERTY The following law enforcement agencies have in their possession the listed property which is sought to be forfeited through civil forfeiture proceedings filed or to be filed in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Said property was either seized as contraband or is abandoned property that has gone unclaimed for a long period of time. DAYTON POLICE DEPARTMENT 1. U.S. Currency seized 6/04/2012 at 820 Strawberry Ave., Dayton, Ohio from TobeB. McLarty, III 2. 1997 Honda Civic, VIN# JHMEJ6677VS040175 seized 6/01/2012 at 1 Abbey Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Dustin Deck. 3. 1998 Dodge Dakota, VIN# 1B7FL26X9WS766646 seized 6/01/2012 at 515 N. Main Street, Dayton, Ohio from Bradford Saunders and/or James Burt. 4. U.S. Currency seized 6/14/2012 at 1229 Danner Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Johnny S. Medlar and/or Mizell Dixon III and/or Ray Shropshire. 5. 1998 Chevrolet Prizm 4D, VIN# 1Y1SK5282WZ423861 seized 5/22/2012 at 100 Salem-Dayton, Dayton, Ohio from Brittney D. Edwards. 6. U.S. Currency seized 6/08/2012 at 412 Five Oaks Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Arthur G. Bryant and/or Eric T. Dick and/or James C. Robinson III. 7. 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, VIN# IGIJC124XY7228116 seized 5/25/2012 at 1600 S. Gettysburg Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Lauren F. Mrusek. 8. 1988 Mazda RX7, VIN# JM1FC3316J0626354 seized 5/26/2012 at 1399 N. Main Street, Dayton, Ohio from Shelby W. Gomez. 9. U.S. Currency, Inter Ordinance 7.62X39 AK semi-auto Rifle Serial #WUM12160 seized 5/30/2012 at area of 311 Bolander Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Charles Hardy and/or Lewis C. Skinner. 10. U.S. Currency seized 5/25/2012 at 2456 Wyoming Street, Dayton, Ohio from Michael Namaky and/or Myles J. Wright. 11. U.S. Currency seized 5/27/2012 at 410 S. Ludlow Street, Dayton, Ohio from Steven L. Mayberry Jr. and/or Ronnie L. Bailey and/or Keeyon D. Brent. 12. U.S. Currency, 1999 Ford Explorer, VIN# 1FMZU34E5XUA82843 seized 6/1/2012 at 220 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Dayton, Ohio from Curtis M. Johnson. 13. U.S. Currency seized 5/28/2012 at 2714 E. Third Street, Dayton, Ohio from Richardo D. Walker. 14. 2001 White Chevrolet Monte Carlo, VIN# 2G1WW15E719352074 seized 5/09/2012 at the area of Arnold and W. Grand Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Kainon K. Gardner and/or Anthony T. Reynolds and/or Starr M. McDole. 15. 1996 Ford Contour, VIN# 3FALP6531TM124462 seized at the area of Hoover Ave. and N. Gettysburg Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Jason R. Johnson and/or Alesia R. Brashear. 16. U.S. Currency and 2006 Ford F-150, VIN# 1FTPX14V36FB75094 seized 5/16/2012 at 1525 Huffman, Dayton, Ohio from Dennis Egnor. 17. U.S. Currency seized 5/24/2012 at the area of 2028 Cornell Ridge Dr., Dayton, Ohio from Omar Evans Jr. 18. U.S. Currency seized 5/29/2012 at 3000 Linden Ave., Dayton, Ohio from Harijinder Kumar and/or Sanvi & Rhea Petroleum LLC. Any person with proof of ownership to any of the above-listed property may contact, before July 19, 2012, the following: MATHIAS H. HECK, JR. Prosecuting Attorney Laura G. Mariani Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 301 West Third St., Suite 500 Dayton, Ohio 45422 (937) 225-5780 6-29 7-6-2012 2FRI ___________________________________
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