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Legal Notices: Public Hearing Notices Resolution No. 12-PID-2011

  • NOTICE OF DANGEROUS PROPERTY HEARING ALL OWNERS AND LIENHOLDERS OF RECORD ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a public hearing has been scheduled, pursuant to Harrison Township Resolution No. 12-PID-2011, and Ohio Revised Code Section 505.86 for the Harrison Township Board of Trustees (the “Board”) to review progress on the properties ordered demolished and removed on January 20, 2022 and hear any appeals of these orders and further determine whether the Township will be required to demolish and remove the structures on behalf of the owners or lienholders. The public hearing will be held on March 3, 2022 at the Harrison Township Government Center, 5945 N Dixie Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45414 at 12PM or as soon as possible thereafter during the course of the scheduled public hearing. At the public hearing, the Board will take evidence relevant to the Harrison Township’s departments findings of the property to date, the condition of the Property, and any other evidence presented by any property owner, lienholder, or other parties identified in this Notification regarding progress on repairs or demolition of the structures. Any interested party wishing to appeal an order to demolish and remove should provide a written appeal to the Fiscal Officer Craig A. Jones, and Development Director Emily Crow, AICP at 5945 N. Dixie Drive, Dayton Ohio 45414 before or at the hearing. Any interested party is entitled to be represented by legal counsel and is advised to provide documentation of evidence of work underway or planned to include adequate finances, permits, contracts and agreements to complete the work. The Board will then determine if the Township will abate the nuisance, if the property owner(s) have failed to timely do so, and if so, how the Township will abate the nuisance (i.e., repairing, securing, or demolition and removal of the structure). The Board will memorialize its determination in this matter by formal Resolution and issue its order to remediate the issue. The second hearings for the following properties located in Harrison TWP, Montgomery Co., OH will be held on March 3, 2022 and all title and lien holders have been sent notification via certified mail and the notice has been posted on the property. 3701 Detroit AVE-PID-E20 17102B0081 2049 Edgeworth AVE. -PID-E21 17403 0049 2109 Lodell AVE-PID-E21 17206 0032 2125 Lodell AVE-PID-E21 17206 0028 4000 Lofty Oaks LN. -PID-E20 50411 0001 4002 Lofty Oaks LN. -PID-E20 50411 0002 4004 Lofty Oaks LN.-PID-E20 50411 0003 4006 Lofty Oaks LN. -PID-E20 50411 0004 4008 Lofty Oaks LN. -PID-E20 50411 0005 2024 Maplegrove AVE-PID-E21 17404 0053 3819 N Main ST -PID-E20 17001 0002 2046 Neff RD-PID-E21 17404 0034 2113 Ome AVE-PID-E21 17304 0154 2538 Oneida AVE-PID-E21 17306 0126 2526 Ontario AVE-PID-E21 17306 0151 02-25-2022 1Fri ____________________________________
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