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Legal Notices: Public Hearing Notices Resolution No. 21-037

  • PUBLIC NOTICE The Board of Park Commissioners of Five Rivers MetroParks, at its regular meeting on December 17, 2021, amended its bylaws by approving Resolution No. 21-037, amending Resolution No. 17-045. The amendments update the title of Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Article 1, Article 2, Article 4, and Article 5; correct typographical errors in Article 2, Section 4; and reword, for clarity, Article 5, Section 1, Approval of Payables. A full copy of Resolution No. 21-037 is posted on the Five Rives MetroParks website and in the main office, located at 409 E. Monument Avenue, 3rd floor, Dayton, Ohio. These bylaws, as amended, shall take effect following completion of publication once a week for two consecutive weeks in the Daily Court Reporter. 12-24, 12-31-2021 2Fri ____________________________________
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