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Legal Notices: Public Hearing Notices A-1833; A-1834; A-1835; A-1836; A-1837

  • WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held at 6:00 PM on March 22, 2021 to consider the following cases: Case Number: A-1833 Applicant: Adam Zengel Property Owner: Margaret Girard Location: 9730 Southern Belle Court Request: Variance request to decrease the rear yard setback from 30’ to 24’ for a sunroom addition. Case Number: A-1834 Applicant/Property Owner: Don Walsh Location: 5401 Silbury Lane Request: Variance request to decrease the front yard setback from 60’ to 18’ along W Rahn Road and from 60’ to 33’ along Silbury Lane for a residential addition. Case Number: A-1835 Applicant/Property Owner: Howard Krisher Location: 6320 Tomahawk Trail Request: Variance request to decrease the rear yard setback from 60’ to 48’ for a residential addition. Case Number: A-1836 Applicant: Eric Soller Property Owner: Dent Logistics LLC Location: 420-440 Miamisburg-Centerville Road Request: Conditional Use request to allow a covered outdoor dining patio. Variance requests as follows: 1) Increase allowable area of outdoor dining space from 500 sf to 704 sf. 2) Increase allowable number of outdoor dining seats from 30 to 50. 3) Decrease required masonry exterior building materials from 65% to 0%. 4) Area to be covered with a rigid material as opposed to the required “canvas-type” fabric. Case Number: A-1837 Applicant/Property Owner: Andrew Sheldrick Location: 6975 Yankee Street Request: Variance requests to increase the allowable area of a detached accessory structure from 720 sf to 1,350 sf. and to reduce the side yard setback from 40’ to 10’ for a detached accessory structure. The public hearing will be hosted online. Interested persons may join the meeting and provide testimony. Upon conclusion of the hearing, the proposed request will be voted on by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Please check the Washington Township website at https://www.washingtontwp.org/services/zoning___development/board_of_zoning_appeals for a link to connect to the meeting and to verify whether the meeting will be affected by the Covid 19 governmental orders. Application information is available at the Township Government Center at 8200 McEwen Road and may be provided via email upon request. Please contact the Township at general@washingtontwp.org, or (937) 433-0152, for additional information. Matt Schmidt, Chair Board of Zoning Appeals 03-12-2021 1Fri ____________________________________
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