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Legal Notices: Public Hearing Notices 130019-24

  • LEGAL NOTICE TO THE OWNERS of all real property situated within the Greater Moraine-Beavercreek Sewer District, Stillwater Sub-district, Montgomery County, Ohio: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Board of County Commissioners has scheduled a Public Hearing for proceeding with the McKenna/Gorman Sanitary Sewer Main Extension, Project No. 130019-24. This public hearing will be held on September 11, 2012 at 1:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter, in the Montgomery County Administration Building, tenth floor Hearing Room, 451 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45422. That the Board finds and declares that the boundary of said improvement is as follows: Situate in Section 26, Township 5, Range 5E, City of Clayton, County of Montgomery, Ohio: Being all of the Parcels Identified by the County Auditor as M60 03107 0152, M60 16420 0002, M60 16420 0003, M60 16420 0007, M60 16420 0008, M60 16420 0009, M60 16420 0010, M60 16420 0011, M60 16420 0012, M60 16420 0013, M60 16420 0014, M60 16420 0015, M60 16420 0016, M60 16420 0017, M60 16420 0018, and M60 16420 0020 inclusive, as recorded in deeds 05-001398, 1989-00488E005, 04-123607, 08-082056, 06-078725, 08-039963, 05-006750, 02272P00243, 02-052766, 03-102950, 05-067085, 2000-00817B012, 05-085456, 05-001398, 2001-00492C008, and 2001-00451C011 respectively. That the improvements shall consist of the construction of sanitary sewer mains, fittings, appurtenances, and all necessary and incidental expenses thereto. More specifically being an 8” sanitary sewer main connecting into an existing manhole in Savina Hill Estates Sec. 8 then providing sanitary sewer to all of Mckenna Place and all of Gorman Avenue east of Taywood Road including the 2 lots on the corner of Taywood Road and Gorman Avenue. The properties to be benefited by the construction of said improvement constitutes all the property within the limits of described area. The properties within the herein described area in the County shall pay assessments, sanitary sewer rates and shall constitute the improvement area. This notice is given pursuant to Section 6117 of the Ohio Revised Code. Plans, specifications, estimate of cost, and tentative assessments are on file and may be examined at Montgomery County Environmental Services, 1850 Spaulding Road, Kettering, Ohio 45432. The Board of County Commissioners will hear endorsements of or objections to the above project on the aforementioned date of the public hearing. Gayle L. Ingram, Clerk 8-17 8-24-2012 2Fri ___________________________________
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