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  • LEGAL NOTICE Meeting Notice Notice is hereby given that the City of Clayton City Council will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 7:30 P.M. at the Clayton Government Center, 6996 Taywood Road. The Council will review and take action on the request filed by Clayton LLC requesting approval of a modification to the PD-3 Planned Development Zoning District for the Village of North Clayton Section 2. The request is to change in the location of the proposed large development sign. The applicant is proposing to relocate the sign from the center of the frontage along the south side of National Road between ProAction Dr. and Anneliese Way to the southwest corner of National Road and ProAction Dr. The proposed modification will not affect the overall development plan for the Village of North Clayton. The City Council will also review and take action on a request to replat Village of North Clayton P.U.D. Section 2 Lots 65,66, and 67. The replat will combine the lots into a single lot and modify the utility easements. The applications may be reviewed at the City of Clayton Offices, 6996 Taywood Road, during regular business hours. The meeting is open to the public. Joseph J. Klosterman Director of Community Services City of Clayton 5-23-2011 1Mon
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