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Legal Notices: Public Hearing Notices 10-10

  • PLANNING COMMISSION CITY OF TROTWOOD, OHIO Public Hearing Notice 6:00 P.M., Tuesday, December 21, 2010, Trotwood Community Center, 4000 Lake Center Drive, Trotwood, Ohio 45426 Notice is hereby given that the Trotwood Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 6:00 P.M. for the following case: PC Case #10-10: Request to amend the Official Zoning Map with area wide rezoning approval of the following properties located on Denlinger Road, from the "R-B" Regional Business Zoning District to the "RSF-M" Residential Single-Family Medium Density Zoning District: 1) 5131 Denlinger Rd. (PID #'s: H33-02102-0103; H33-02102-0144) 2) Denlinger Rd. (PID #'s: H33-02102-0143-H33-02102-0073,74) 3) 5165 Denlinger Rd. (PID #'s: H33-02102-0102,142,187,188) 4) 5191 Denlinger Rd. (PID #'s: H33-02102-0141,65) 5) 5221 Denlinger Rd. (PID #'s: H33-02102-0139,64) Applicant: City of Trotwood, Department of Planning Any person having an interest in this case may provide comment to the Planning Commission at the public hearing. Inquiries regarding this case should be directed to Carl Daugherty at (937) 854-7218. Carl J. Daugherty Planning & Zoning Administrator 12-8-2010 1Wed
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