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Legal Notices: Public Auction Notices 09-ATF-023053

  • SALE OF REAL PROPERTY Case Number: 09-ATF-023053 THE UNITED STATES MARSHALS SERVICE is selling a property located at 917 Cherry Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45406. Parcel ID R72-11201-0067. An unsolicited offer for the property in the amount of $103,000 has been received. Anyone interested in submitting a competing bid on this property may submit a written offer to the address below. Any competing offer must be no less than 5 percent above the bid offer. The terms of any competing offer are subject to acceptance by the United States Marshals Service, who reserves the right to accept or refuse any offer received. All offers must be accompanied by a cashiers or certified check for 5 percent of the offer as a deposit. All deposits from offers not accepted will be refunded; however, the deposit of any accepted offer will be forfeited if the offeror fails to complete the purchase for any reason within 30 days. All offers must provide for payment of the offered sales price upon closing within 30 days. Any conditional offer will be rejected. Any counter offer received that does not meet the above conditions will be rejected. Interested parties may contact Jaime Cochran at (614) 469-0450. Any counter offer must be received at the U.S. Marshals office location listed below on or before 5:00 p.m. on February 19, 2013, and must state that it may be accepted within a period of 30 days after February 19, 2013, or such longer time as the offeror may provide. The original unsolicited offer will be afforded the opportunity to submit a best and final offer. However, the unsolicited offeror will not be advised of the amount of any competing offers received. After the unsolicited offeror is given the opportunity to submit a best and final offer, no party who has submitted an offer will be allowed to increase its offer. Upon the United States Marshals Service’s review of all offers received, the property will be sold to the highest acceptable bidder. United States Marshals Service Attn: Jaime Cochran – Asset Forfeiture Unit Reference: 09-ATF-023053 85 Marconi Boulevard, Room 460 Columbus, Ohio 43215 02-1, 02-08, 02-15-2013 3FRI ___________________________________
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