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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 2019-R-6872

  • LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on August 13, 2019, the Council of the City of Huber Heights, State of Ohio, duly passed Resolution No. 2019-R-6872, declaring it necessary that certain sidewalks, curbs, driveway approaches and gutters be repaired. In accordance with said Resolution, the following property owners are required to repair the apropos items abutting their premises in accordance with the plans and specifications theretofore prepared by the City and now on file in the Office of the Clerk of Council of the City of Huber Heights: PARCEL ID; PROPERTY LOCATION; LAST KNOWN OWNER P70 01713 0029; 6461 Hemingway Rd; Arlene Brockman; P70 01712 0026; 6441 Hemingway Rd; Orville Smith P70 01714 0006; 6616 Hemingway Rd; Tonya K Eads P70 01714 0003; 6604 Hemingway Rd; Michael J Been P70 01712 0009; 6432 Hemingway Rd; Christopher M Gibson P70 01712 0028; 6429 Hemingway Rd; Robert L Womack P70 01902 0008; 6821 Alter Rd; Mae Ojeda P70 01902 0009; 6827 Alter Rd; Charlene K Salyers P70 01902 0044; 6840 Alter Rd; Heather M Fewless P70 01809 0008; 6713 Alter Rd; Dora Steinbrugge P70 01902 0045; 6834 Alter Rd; Ronelle E Kinney P70 01715 0018; 6508 Menlo Way; Marcy Ann Vonderwell P70 01714 0028; 6524 Menlo Way; Yolanda R Miller P70 01714 0019; 7044 Hubbard Drive; Lawrence R Wightman P70 01715 0002; 7015 Hubbard Drive; Robert G Heiser If said sidewalk, driveway approach and/or curb is not repaired by December 31, 2020 the Council will have the same done and the entire expenses thereof, including engineering, legal and publication fees and expenses, will be billed to the affected property owner for a lump sum payment or assessed upon the property and made a lien thereon, to be collected with penalty and interest as provided by law. By order of the Council of the City of Huber Heights, Montgomery County, Ohio. Anthony C. Rodgers, Clerk of Council 11-27-2020 1Fri ____________________________________
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