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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 2019CVF02544

  • LEGAL NOTICE In the Kettering Municipal Court, Montgomery County, Ohio, Case No. 2019CVF02544. Thomas R Schiff, Plaintiff vs Richard Hemm, et al., Defendants To the Defendant Richard Hemm, whose last known address is 147 Lookout Drive, Oakwood, OH 45409, will take notice that a Complaint has been filed by Thomas R Schiff, Plaintiff, asking the Court for a judgment in the amount of $10,607.49, plus interest from the date Plaintiff was retained, for legal services and advanced costs Plaintiff provided on behalf of the Defendant, Richard Hemm. The defendants named above must file an Answer to the Plaintiff’s Complaint in the Kettering Municipal Court, 2325 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio 45420 within twenty-eight (28) days after the last publication of this notice, which will be published once a week for six (6) consecutive weeks, with the last publication to be made on the 12th day of July, 2019. In case of your failure to file an Answer or other response to the Complaint within the allotted time, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. Thomas R Schiff, Attorney 500 Lincoln Park Blvd, Ste 216 Kettering, OH 45429 06-07, 06-14, 06-21, 06-28, 07-05, 07-12-2019 6Fri ________________________________________
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