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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices Resolution #18-348

  • RESOLUTION # 18-348 October 3, 2018 It is hereby resolved by the Dayton & Montgomery County Board of Health to update the Uniform System of Fees for its local air pollution control program. Such fees shall be effective on the earliest date allowed by law. PUBLIC HEALTH DAYTON & MONTGOMERY COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH SCHEDULE A MAINTENANCE FEE SYSTEM Any owner and/or operator of a regulated entity shall pay maintenance fees in accordance with the following schedule. MAINTENANCE FEES: ANNUAL BASE FACILITY CHARGE Each facility shall be subject to a fee of $125 per air emissions unit1. Facilities that are only subject to OAC rule 3745-31-03 Permit by Rule regulations shall be subject to a fee of $100 per facility. ANNUAL FACILITY SURCHARGES Requirement or Category Title V Facility Fee FEPTIO2 Facility Fee Minor Facility Fee Title V Facility $1500 n/a n/a FEPTIO2 Facility n/a $500 n/a 40CFR Part 60 $500 $500 $250 40 CFR Part 63 $500 $500 $250 Compliance Assurance Monitoring $500 n/a n/a Continuous Emissions Monitoring/Low Mass Emissions $500 $500 $500 Continuous Opacity Monitoring $500 $500 $500 PSD/NSR3 Permitting $1000 n/a n/a Power Utility4 $1000 $1000 n/a Used oil or hazardous waste burner 0.01 per gallon 0.01 per gallon 0.01 per gallon PERMIT FEES Permit Type Fee Title V Renewal $3000 Title V Modification $1500 FEPTIO2 Renewal $1500 Minor Renewal $500 Deminimus Determination $500 1 For purposes of this fee schedule, an air emissions unit is defined as any permitted or permit by rule source located at a minor facility or FEPTIO facility and any significant source, insignificant source, and permit by rule source at a Title V Facility. 2 Federally Enforceable Permit to Install and Operate 3Prevention of Significant Deterioration/New Source Review 4 Power utilities included power generation and peaking stations identified by NAICS code 221112. EMISSIONS TESTING Retest/cancellation/reschedule $500 Requested observation $500 Nonconforming work hours (any hours outside of 8:00am-4:30pm) $50/hr ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLING A facility shall be billed the actual cost, including but not limited to equipment rental, laboratory analysis, sampling supplies, and personnel costs, of any environmental sampling performed by RAPCA in response to a complaint or suspected public health threat. ASBESTOS NOTIFICATIONS* The fees for processing demolition and/or asbestos renovation notifications shall be based upon the regulated asbestos abatement project size as follows: Demolition only notifications $75 Less than 160 square feet or 260 linear feet of Regulated Asbestos Containing Materials (RACM) $75 Greater than or equal to 160 square feet or 260 linear feet and less than 5,000 feet (square, linear, or combination) of RACM $200 Greater than or equal to 5,000 feet (square, linear, or combination) of RACM $350 *This fee does not apply to unregulated projects or to volunteer fire departments submitting a demolition notice for fire training exercises conducted in asbestos-free residential structures. Payments and an appropriate survey should be sent in with the completed notification form. Facility maintenance fees totaling the sum of the base and all applicable surcharges shall be assessed based on the facility status as of December 31 and invoiced annually for the previous calendar year. Permit, environmental sampling, and emissions testing fees shall be invoiced quarterly. If payment of a fee established under this section is not received by the day on which payment is due, the board of health shall assess a penalty. The amount of the penalty shall be equal to twenty-five (25%) percent of the applicable fee. The fee structure shall apply to all governmental units unless the imposition and collection of fees are prohibited by law. No fee shall be demanded or collected for any church, public or parochial school. In the event a facility is shutdown, idled, the facility status changes, or the fee causes undue hardship, adjustments to the fees may be made at the discretion of the RAPCA Supervisor provided sufficient documentation is submitted. Any such reduction or waiver of the fee requirement shall be reviewed annually. 10-12, 10-19-2018 2Fri ________________________________________
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