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  • PUBLIC NOTICE The following property is hereby ordered to cut all grass and/or rank vegetation exceeding a height of eight (8) inches, within seven (7) days of the date of the publishing of this notice. Failure to comply within the time period stipulated shall cause the Township to have the property cut. All costs will be billed to the property owner. Failure to pay the bill within thirty days (30) of the billing shall be reason to have those charges assessed to the property for which the cutting was performed. BUTLER BEVERAGE DRIVE THRU LLC Property to be cut is at: 9118 N Dixie Drive Dayton, OH 45414 Parcel ID #A01-203-31-0004 CURTIS BLAHO Property to be cut is at: 2430 Little York Road Dayton, OH 45414 Parcel ID #A01-003-10-0102 05-06-2016 1Fri _______________________________________
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