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  • Notice of Completeness In accord with the provisions of Ohio Admin. Code §3701-12-08(M), notice hereby is given that the certificate of need application filed with the Ohio Department of Health by F&H Realty Holding Company, LLC (“Livingston”), has been declared complete for review. The date of mailing of the notice of completeness was April 2, 2015. The decision is due on or before June 1, 2015. Livingston proposes to relocate and replace 100 long term care beds from the existing facility, Livingston Care Center, to a new facility to be constructed. The estimated project cost is $17,970,090.00. The location of the proposed project is 11.45 Acres of Parcel #067 03810 0004 located on Social Row Road in Montgomery County, Ohio. Questions regarding the application may be directed to Geoffrey E. Webster, Attorney at Law, 17 South High Street, Suite 770, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614-461-1156). An affected person may submit written comments regarding the application and the Director will consider all written comments received by the thirtieth (30th) day after the mailing of the Notice of Completeness (April 2, 2015). Written comments should be sent to: Ohio Department of Health, Division of Quality Assurance, Certificate of Need Program, 246 North High Street, PO Box 118, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0188. Appeals and administrative hearing rights are governed by R. C. 6702.60 and an affected person as defined by the Revised Code should consult that law for other and further rights in regards to this application. Geoffrey E Webster Webster & Associates Co., LPA 04-10-2015 1Fri __________________________________________
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