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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 15-003

  • PUBLIC HEALTH DAYTON & MONTGOMERY COUNTY RESOLUTION # 15-003 It is hereby resolved by the Dayton & Montgomery County Board of Health to adopt fees for the Household Sewage Treatment System program per new ODH Rules that became effective on January 1, 2015 as outlined below. Such fees shall be effective on the earliest date allowed by law. Sewage Treatment System Fee Category 2015 Fee per OAC 3701-29-05(D) Application for site review for HSTS, SFOSTS, or GWRS $125.00 Conv / $265.00 Other Application for soil evaluation for HSTS, SFOSTS, or GWRS $125.00 Application for design for HSTS, SFOSTS, or GWRS SERVICE NOT PROVIDED Permit for installation of new or replacement HSTS and GWRS $135.00 Conv / $275.00 Other* Permit for alteration of existing HSTS and GWRS $215.00 Conv / $265.00 Other** Permit for installation of new or replacement SFOSTS $135.00 Conv / $275.00 Other* Permit for alteration of existing SFOSTS $215.00 Conv / $265.00 Other** Permit for operation of HSTS, SFOSTS, or GWRS $75.00 / 5 Yr Registration of installers, service providers, and septage haulers $125.00 Vehicle permits for septage haulers $35.00 / Vehicle One Year Inspection of GWRS or STS $75.00 Abandonment of a STS or GWRS $50.00 Application for variance $75.00 Collection and examination of effluent samples $75.00 + Lab Fee Site review of land application of septage $125.00 Review of subdivision or lots $100.00 / Lot Additional fees Reinspection Fee $75.00 *Includes $25.00 State Fee **Includes $15.00 State Fee Per OAC 3701-29-05(E) there is a 25% penalty of applicable fee. Conv=Conventional HSTS=Household Sewage Treatment System SFOSTS=Small Flow On Site Sewage Treatment System GWRS=Gray Water Recycling System Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County A Human Services Levy Funded Agency 01-16, 01-23-2015 2Fri ___________________________________
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