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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 2013CV06328

  • LEGAL NOTICE OF COMPLAINT (Petition for Appropriation) Defendant First Incorporated, address Unknown, will take notice that on October 17, 2013, The City of Dayton, Ohio filed its Complaint being captioned “The City of Dayton, Ohio v First Incorporated, et al.” in the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, Ohio, Case No. 2013CV06321. The action seeks to appropriate certain property for the Stewart Street and Wayne Ave. Retaining Wall Replacement/Repair in association with the road widening project in Dayton, Ohio and to fix the value of the property. The property sought to be appropriated is more specifically described as fee simple interest 2WD and a temporary casement 2T concerning Montgomery County Auditor’s Parcel No R72 03308 0054 Pursuant to Civil Rule 12(A)(1), Defendant First Incorporated shall take further notice that it has 28 days after completion of the Service by Publication within which to answer or otherwise defend against Plaintiff’s petition The original of any such answer or other pleading defending against Plaintiff’s petition must be filed with Gregory A. Brush the Clerk of the Common Pleas Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, and whose mailing address is 41 N. Perry St., Dayton, Ohio 45422. A copy of the answer or other defensive pleading must be served upon Plaintiff’s attorney, John C. Musto, Assistant City Attorney, 101 W. Third St., PO Box 22, Dayton, OH 45401. A failure to answer or otherwise defend within twenty-eight (28) days of completion of Service By Publication will result in Plaintiff, pursuant to Civil Rule 55, asking the court to grant default judgment against any person who fails to answer or otherwise defend. The City of Dayton, Ohio John C. Musto #0071512 Assistant City Attorney 11-29 & 12-06-13 2FRI _________________________________
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