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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 1200-37

  • LEGAL NOTICE NO. 1200-37 Ordinance No. 31091-11 - by Ms. Whaley Amending and supplementing the Revised Code of General Ordinances by the Amendment of Sections 15.01 and 15.02 and the Enactment of Section 15.24 relating to ward boundaries in the City of Dayton. Ordinance No. 31094-11 - by Mr. Lovelace Authorizing the granting of an easement for the Mad River Bikeway. Passed by the City Commission, August 24, 2011, Signed by the Mayor, August 24, 2011, Gary D. Leitzell, Mayor of the City of Dayton, Ohio. ATTEST: RASHELLA LAVENDER, CLERK OF COMMISSION 8-30-2011 1Tue
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