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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 2011BR00006

  • LEGAL NOTICE Defendant, Homecoming Financial Networking, Inc., whose last known address is 14523 SW Millikin Way, P.O. Box 8517, Beaverton, OR 97005, and the unknown administrators and representatives of Homecoming Financial Networking, Inc. will take notice that on the 8th day of April, 2011, the Montgomery County, Ohio Prosecuting Attorney's Office in the name of Carolyn Rice, as Treasurer of Montgomery County, Ohio, filed a Complaint in Case No. 2011BR00006 in the Board of Revision of Montgomery County, Ohio, 451 West Third Street, Third Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45402, (937) 496-7405, against the above listed Defendants. It is alleged that delinquent real estate taxes stand charged against the named parcel R72 01906 0010; the Plaintiff alleges that the parcels constitutes abandoned lands pursuant to Sections 323.65 through 323.79 of the Revised Code; that the land will be sold at a public auction or otherwise disposed of, if not redeemed by the owner or other above addressee; that the sale or transfer will occur at a date, time and place, and in the manner prescribed in sections 323.65 to 323.79 of the Ohio Revised Code; that the owner or other above addressee may redeem the land by paying the total of the impositions against the land at any time before confirmation of sale or transfer of the parcel as prescribed in sections 323.65 to 323.79 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Office of the Clerk of Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, shall maintain the official file and docket of this action and that all subsequent pleadings, petitions, and papers associated with is case and filed by any interested party must be filed with the clerk of court and will become part of the case file for the board of revision before who this case is pending. Any owner of record may, at any time on or before the twentieth day after service of process is perfected, file a pleading with the clerk of court requesting that the board dismiss the complaint and order that the abandoned land identified herein be removed from the abandoned land list. In such event, the abandoned land will be removed from the list and will not disposed of under sections 323.65 to 373.79 of the Revised Code, until the current owner sells or otherwise conveys the owner's ownership interest. Until such time, the foreclosure may commence judicially pursuant to sections 323.25 to 323.28 or under Chapters 5721, 5722 and 5723. CAROLYN RICE, TREASURER OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO MATHIAS H. HECK, JR. PROSECUTING ATTORNEY OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO GEORGE B. PATRICOFF ASSISTANT PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ATTORNEYS FOR THE PLAINTIFF NOTICE OF HEARING CASE NO.2011BR00006 To: ALL DEFENDANTS NAMED IN THE COMPLAINT From: Montgomery County Board of Revision Address: 451 West Third Street, Third Floor City/Zip: Dayton, Ohio 45402 Phone: (937) 496-7405 Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 325.65-323.79, you are hereby notified that a final foreclosure hearing is hereby scheduled for the property being permanent parcel number R72 01906 0010. Montgomery County Records list you as either an Owner or an interested party in such property. The hearing is on Friday, June 10, 2011, at the County Administration Building located at 451 West Third Street, Third Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45402 at 9:00 o'clock a.m. This is a real estate tax foreclosure proceeding against the aforesaid parcel(s) for non-payment of real estate taxes. To avoid foreclosure you, or an interested party must pay the full amount of the delinquent taxes, plus interest, penalties and costs incurred to date ("Impositions"); or you may be eligible to enter into a payment plan under section 323.31 (Payment Plan") of the Ohio Revised Code. To find out if you are eligible to enter into a Payment Plan, you must come to the offices of the Montgomery County Treasurer located at 451 West Third Street, 2nd Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45402. If the Impositions exceed the Auditor's valuation of the property and if the property is foreclosed upon, the property is eligible to be transferred directly to a municipality, school district, land re utilization corporation, township, county, or eligible community development group (defined in Section 323.65-79 of the Ohio Revised Code) without a Sheriff's sale; or upon expiration of forty-five (45) days from the date of any journalized decree of foreclosure, the property may be likewise transferred to any such entity without further notice and without Sheriff's sale. Failure to attend and defend your interests may result in an adverse decision against you. this means that the aforesaid parcel(s) may be foreclosed upon, sold at Sheriff's sale for the Impositions owed, or conveyed directly to a township, municipality, school district, land reutilization corporation, county or community development group in the manner prescribed herein. In such event, you will lose any right, title or interest in said parcel(s). __________________ Board of Revision 4-22-2011 5-6-2011 3Fri
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