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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices

  • LEGAL NOTICE NO. 1200-64 Ordinance No.31033-10 - by Mr. Lovelace Vacating the alley south of Stonemill Road from the alley east of Brown Street to the West property Line of City Lot No. 16489. Passed by the City Commission, November 10, 2010, Signed by the Mayor, November 10, 2010. Gary D. Leitzell, Mayor of the City of Dayton, Ohio. ATTEST: RASHELLA LAVENDER, CLERK OF COMMISSION Resolution No. 5792-10 - by Mr. Williams Accepting a Grant Award from The Miami Conservancy District in the Amount of Fifteen Thousand Dollars on Behalf of the City of Dayton and Declaring an Emergency. Resolution No. 5793-10 - by Mr. Joseph Authorizing the necessary tax levies, certifying the same to the County Auditor, and declaring an emergency. ATTEST: RASHELLA LAVENDER, CLERK OF COMMISSION 11-17-2010 1Wed
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