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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 2010CV05080

  • LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER AND REQUIREMENT TO FILE PROOF OF CLAIM PNC Bank National Association, Successor to National City Bank -vs- SJGK, LLC, et al Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Case No. 2010CV05080 The Court has appointed Leonard Eppel as Receiver of real property owned by Defendant SJGK, LLC at 2015-2079 Harshman Road, Dayton, Ohio 45424 and commonly known as Harshman Station and the property at 2009 Harshman Road, Dayton, Ohio 45424 commonly known as Harshman Self Storage. Any creditors having claims must file same with the Receiver at P.O. Box 142, Germantown, Ohio 45327, within twenty (20) days of the date of this Notice. Clams not timely filed will not, without order of the Court, be permitted to be filed at a later date. Donald F. Harker, III Attorney for Receiver 2103 First National Plaza 130 West Second Street Dayton, Ohio 45402 937-461-8800, Ext. 205 11-8-2010 1Mon
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