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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices

  • LEGAL NOTICE NO. 52 Parcel 12T Ashraf A. Ettayem, whose last known address was 1195 Breakers Ct., Westerville, Ohio 43082, and the unknown spouse, heirs, devisees, legatees, assignees, executors, administrators and representatives of Ashraf A. Ettayem, if deceased, and the unknown guardians of minor and/or incompetent heirs of Ashraf A. Ettayem, if deceased, will hereby take notice that on September 8, 2010, the Commission of the City of Dayton, Ohio adopted Resolution No. 5774-10, declaring the intention to appropriate a portion of the property located at Germantown St. and Lakeview Ave., Parcel 12T, in connection with the James H. McGee Extension Project, and declaring an emergency. Said property to be appropriated consists of the fee simple interest in the following real estate: Parcel 12T Pt. Lot 28869 and 28870 Right of Way Take 11-8-2010 11-22-2010 3Mon
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