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Legal Notices: Miscellaneous Notices 30991-10

  • LEGAL NOTICE NO. 1200-32 Ordinance No. 30991-10 - by Mr. Lovelace Vacating Kammer Avenue from Delphos Avenue to the B & O Railroad Right of Way. Passed by the City Commission, May 19, 2010, Signed by the Mayor, May 19, 2010, Gary D. Leitzell, Mayor of the City of Dayton, Ohio. ATTEST: RASHELLA LAVENDER, CLERK OF COMMISSION Resolution No. 5750-10 - by Mr. Williams Declaring support for the University of Dayton Research Institute and Innovation Center and the intent of the City of Dayton to provide utility services to the project, and declaring an emergency. Informal Resolution No. 812-10 - by Mr. Joseph Objecting to the New Permit Application for Type C-1, C-2 Liquor Permit #60815800010, to MOGA Enterprises, Inc., dba Clark Gas Station, 2626 East Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45403. ATTEST: RASHELLA LAVENDER, CLERK OF COMMISSION 5-26-2010 1Wed
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