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Legal Notices: Juvenile Notices J.C. 2010-07491

  • NOTICE OF HEARING IN RE: M.W. CASE NO. J.C. 2010-07491 Kelly J. Benton whose residence is unknown, her last known address being: 840 Hodapp Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45310, and being a party to the above captioned proceeding, is hereby notified that she is required to submit to genetic testing at the Reibold Building, 14 W. Fourth Street, 3rd Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45422. The object of the matter to be heard is a Complaint to Determine Parentage. Date Issued August 26, 2010. Judge H. Nick Kuntz Montgomery County, Ohio Juvenile Division J. Alcala, Deputy Clerk 9-2-2010 1Thur
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