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Legal Notices: Juvenile Notices J.C. 2008-07990

  • NOTICE OF HEARING IN RE: Allen Smith CASE NO. J.C. 2008-07990 Rosalee L. Smith, whose residence is unknown, her last known address being: in c/o Franklin Pre-Release Center, P.O. Box 23651, Columbus, Ohio 43223, and being a party to the above captioned proceeding, is hereby notified that she is required to notify the Montgomery County Support Enforcement Agency of her whereabouts for a hearing in said proceeding which will be held at the Juvenile Justice Center, 380 West Second Street, Dayton, Ohio 45422. The object of the matter to be heard is for the paternity of Allen Smith. Date Issued August 29, 2008. Judge H. Nick Kuntz, Clerk Montgomery County, Ohio Juvenile Division J. Alcala, Deputy Clerk 9-8-2008 1Mon
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