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Legal Notices: Forclosure Notices 2015CV06591

  • LEGAL NOTICE Neil C. Sander & Kerry T. Boyle, Attorneys In the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, Dayton, Ohio. Case No. 2015CV06591. Colonial Savings, FA, Plaintiff vs David A Harris, et al., Defendants David A. Harris and Jane Doe, Unknown Spouse of David A. Harris, whose last known addresses are unknown, is hereby notified that Colonial Savings F. A., filed a Complaint in the Common Pleas Court, Montgomery County, Ohio in Case No. 2015 CV 06951 against them, alleging that David A. Harris executed a promissory note, which Plaintiff is the holder of; that Defendant David A. Harris has defaulted in the payment of said note, and there is due Plaintiff thereon $61,661.47 with interest at a rate of 7% from the 1st day of June, 2015; that in order to secure the promissory note, David A. Harris executed and delivered a mortgage deed, to Plaintiff and conveyed the following described real estate: Situated in the County of Montgomery, State of Ohio and Township of Jefferson and being Lot Numbered N-Four (N-4), Shock Plat, as the same is recorded in Plat Book W, Page 94 of the Plat Records of Montgomery County, Ohio. Parcel No.: G27183100004 Address: 3571 Soldiers Home Miamisburg Rd., Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 Plaintiff says that said mortgage was delivered to the Recorder of Cuyahoga County, Ohio on the 5th day of April, 2002 and was recorded in Volume 02-2811, Page C11 Recorder's Office, Montgomery County, Ohio and is the first and best lien on said premises save the lien of taxes and assessments and the costs of this action. That by reason of the failure of the Defendant David A. Harris to make the monthly payments as required, the Plaintiff has declared the entire amount due and mortgage securing such note to be absolute; that the Treasurer of Montgomery County, Ohio may have a claim against said premises. Therefore, Plaintiff prays for judgment against the Defendant David A. Harris in the amount of $61,661.47 with interest at a rate of 7% from 1st day of June, 2015 plus interest, late charges, advances and penalties; that the mortgage be foreclosed and all equities of redemption be forever cut off; that the Plaintiff be found to have the first and best lien therein; that the priority of all liens be determined by this Court; that said premises be sold as upon execution free and clear of all liens, interest and dower and the proceeds thereof applied to the Plaintiff's claims; and that Plaintiff may have such other and further relief to which it may be entitled at law or in equity. Defendants first hereinabove named are further notified that they are required to answer said Complaint on or before 11th day of March, 2016, which includes 28 days from the last publication, or judgment may be rendered as prayed for therein. Colonial Savings, FA, Plaintiff Neil C. Sander (#0077715) Kerry T. Boyle (#0072698) Attorneys at Law Isaac Wiles 2 Miranova Place, Suite 700 Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 221-2121 02-26, 03-04, 03-11-2016 3Fri ____________________________________
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