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Legal Notices: Forclosure Notices 2011CV02573

  • LEGAL NOTICE In The Common Pleas Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, Case No. 2011CV02573 HSBC Bank USA, National Association, As Indenture Trustee For The Benefit Of People's Choice Home Loan Securities Trust Series 2005-4, Plaintiff -vs- Unknown Heirs at Law, Legatees, Devisees, Next of Kin of Betty J. Smith, et al., Defendants Unknown Heirs at law, legatees, devisees, next of kin of Betty J. Smith, whose last known places of residence were unknown and whose present places of residence are unknown, will take notice on April 7, 2011, HSBC Bank USA, National Association, As Indenture Trustee, filed its Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County,Ohio, alleging that Defendants, Unknown Heirs at law, legatees, devisees, next of kin of Betty J. Smith have or claim top have an interest in the real estate described below: PPN: G27-24504-0013 PROPERTY ADDRESS: 4808 Coulson Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45418 A copy of the full legal description may be obtained from the County Auditor's Office. The Petitioner further alleges that by reason of default of Betty J. Smith, in the payment of a promissory note, according to its tenor, the conditions of a concurrent mortgage deed given to secure the payment of said note and conveying the premises described, have been broken, and the same has become absolute. The Petitioner prays that Defendants named above be required to answer and set up their interest in said real estate or be forever barred from asserting the same, for foreclosure of said mortgage, the marshalling of any liens, and the sale of said real estate, and the proceeds of said sale applied to the payment of Petitioner's claim in the proper order of its priority, and for such other further relief as is just and equitable. DEFENDANTS NAMED ABOVE ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER ON OR BEFORE THE 28TH DAY OF JUNE, 2011. Keith D. Whiner & Associates Co., LPA Kim M. Hammond (0062572) 75 Public Square, 4th Floor Cleveland, Ohio 444113 (216) 77771-6500 khammond@weinerlaw.com 5-17-2011 5-31-2011 3Tue
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Property Details (from CAMA)

(New) Owner name & address

If this property was sold at the listed sale the current owner may not be the person specified in the case.
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Legal Information

  • 4808 COULSON DR
  • DAYTON OH 45418-1958
Tax District
Property Assesment
Agricultural use Land Value
100% Forest Land Value
Personal property value (Utility)
Notice Value
Total Special Assessment Value

Year Built 1963

Bath (Full)1
Bath (Half)1
Kitchen Remodeled 2
Bathroom Remodeled
Total Living Area