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  • DIVORCE NOTICE In the State of Massachusetts, Trial Court, Worcester Probate and Family Court, Case No. WO18D1062DR. To: David B Johnson. Upon motion of Plaintiff for an order directing the defendant to appear, plead or answer, in accordance with Mass.R.Civ.P./Mass.R.Dom.Rel.P.Rule4, it appearing to the Court that this is an action for Divorce 1B. Case No. WO18D1062DR filed by Eunice O Bekoe to obtain a divorce. It is Ordered that defendant is directed to appear, plead, answer, or otherwise move with respect to the complaint herein on or before March 5, 2019. If you fail to do so this Court will proceed to a hearing and adjudication of this matter. 01-11-2019 1Fri ____________________________________
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