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Legal Notices: Corporate Dissolution Notices

  • NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION Robert L. McMillan, President and Shareholder of R.I. Maxwell, Inc., of Montgomery County, Kettering, Ohio 45429 gives notice that on November 20, 2007, R.I. Maxwell, Inc., having its principal office in Montgomery County, Kettering, Ohio, by unanimous written consent of its shareholders elected to dissolve and wind up its affairs and that a certificate of such dissolution was filed in the office of the Secretary of State on the 30th day of November, 2007. The Officers and Shareholders of the Company acknowledge the applicability of the provisions of 1701.95 of the Ohio Revised Code. Robert L. McMillan, President R.I. Maxwell, Inc. Falke & Dunphy, LLC 30 Wyoming Street Dayton, Ohio 45409 937-222-3000 Phone 937-222-1414 Fax 1-14-2008 1-21-2008 2Mon
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