Daily Court Reporter - Corporate Dissolution Notices

Legal Notices: Corporate Dissolution Notices

  • NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS AGAINST CORPORATION (Pursuant to ORC 1701.87) Intellinomics, Inc., an Ohio corporation (the “Corporation”) has filed a Certificate of Dissolution with the Secretary of State of Ohio, effective September 30, 2016, and is now winding up its affairs. Paul S. McCollum will continue to be providing financial services and former Clients of the Corporation will be unaffected. Creditors must present to the Corporation any claim they may have against the Corporation, including claims that are conditional, unmatured, or contingent upon the occurrence or nonoccurrence of future events, in the following manner: 1. All claims shall be presented in writing and shall identify the claimant and contain sufficient information to reasonably inform the Corporation of the substance of the claim. 2. The mailing address to which creditors must send the claim is K &P Statutory Services, Inc., 201 E. Fifth Street, Suite 800 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. 3. The deadline by which the Corporation must receive the claim is sixty (60) days after the date this notice is given (the “Deadline”). 4. The claim will be barred if the Corporation does not receive the claim by the Deadline. 5. The Corporation may make distributions to other creditors or claimants, including distributions to shareholders of the Corporation, without further notice to the claimant. Paul S. McCollum, PRESIDENT Authorized Officer 10-14, 10-21-2016 2Fri ____________________________________
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