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Legal Notices: Corporate Dissolution Notices

  • NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION LIZA H. POND DDS MSD, INC.: Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 1701.87(B), which requires a corporation to give notice of a notice by certified or registered mail return receipt requested to each known creditor and to each person that has a claim against the Corporation including claims that are conditional, unmatured or contingent upon the occurrence or non-occurrence of future events. Notice is hereby given that: (1) all claims shall be presented in writing and shall identify the claimant and contain sufficient information to reasonably inform the corporation of the substance of the claim; (2) the mailing address to which claims must be sent is 40 N. Main St, Suite 2160 Dayton, OH 45423; (3) the deadline, by which the corporation must receive the claim shall be within sixty days from the date of the filing of the Certificate of Dissolution with the Ohio Secretary of State, by which the corporation must receive the claims is August 1, 2013; (4) the claim will be barred if the corporation does not receive the claim by the deadline; and (5) the corporation may make distributions to other creditors or claimants, including distributions to shareholders of the corporation, without further notice to the claimant. Legal Counsel for LIZA H. POND DDS MSD, INC c/o 2160 Kettering Tower Dayton, OH 45423 06-14, 06-21, 06-28-2013 3Fri ___________________________________
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