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Legal Notices: Corporate Dissolution Notices

  • NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF SRD ENTERPRISES, INC. Notice is hereby given that on the 1st day of March, 2013, SRD Enterprises, Inc., an Ohio corporation, by virtue of a resolution of all of its shareholders, elected to dissolve said corporation and that a certificate to that effect has been filed in the Office of the Secretary of State, at Columbus, Ohio. All claims against the corporation, whether conditional, unmatured, or contingent upon the occurrence or nonoccurrence of future events, must be presented in writing by the claimant addressed to SRD Enterprises, Inc., at 137 N. Main Street, Suite 500, Dayton, Ohio 45402, within sixty (60) days of this notice, or will be barred. Davinder Singh President of SRD Enterprises, Inc. 05-03 & 05-10-2013 2Fri ___________________________________
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