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Daily Court Reporter - News Attorney General DeWine announces winners of high school consumer video contest


Attorney General DeWine announces winners of high school consumer video contest

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine recently announced the winners of the 2016 Take Action Video Contest, in which Ohio high school students were asked to create 60-second videos about consumer protection topics.

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Date Published: March 22, 2017


Ohio Attorney General's Office


Legislation would eliminate requirement to notify police about concealed handgun

An onerous provision of Ohio's Concealed Carry Law is the target of a freshman lawmaker's bill that would strike from the books a licensed handgun carrier's duty to notify police of a gun in his possession during a lawful stop.

The rising burden of Alzheimer's disease on health costs, caregiver health and 65+ population

(BPT) Kristen Beatty's 78-year-old father, Ray, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 10 years ago. Since then, he has developed a sense of paranoia, insomnia and the delusion that people are stealing from him. Though Beatty and her brother constantly reassure their father to allay his fears, the daily struggle can take its toll. Beatty's mother, Sue, had previously cared for Ray for about five years. In 2012, Sue died unexpectedly of a heart attack, or as Beatty puts it, she died of a broken heart.

BWC nets nine fraud convictions

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation secured nine convictions recently of workers and employers who cheated, or attempted to cheat, the agency out of funds reserved for legitimately injured workers and workplace safety efforts.

Fact: Multiple 529 plans work best for multiple kids

Families with more than one child may wonder if they need more than one 529 plan to save for their children’s future college costs. While it’s not necessary, the benefits of a 529 plan customarily can be amplified best if each child has their own 529 account. Why? Here are a few reasons.

Small Business Administration, Ohio E.P.A. offer tips to help small businesses go green

The U.S. Small Business Administration Columbus District Office and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency are highlighting resources and tips to help small businesses earn and save money by going green.

Lawmaker wants loophole to meth fire charges closed

The scourge of methamphetamine has been eclipsed in recent years by the onslaught of Ohio's heroin epidemic.

Statewide investments to create $32 million in new payroll

Governor John R. Kasich recently announced the approval of assistance for seven projects set to create 641 new jobs and retain 846 jobs statewide. During its monthly meeting, the Ohio Tax Credit Authority (TCA) reviewed economic development proposals brought to the board by JobsOhio and its regional partners. Collectively, the projects are expected to result in more than $32 million in new payroll, and spur more than $167 million in investments across Ohio.

Get extra money all year: Tips to adjust your tax withholdings

(BPT) Every year, nearly eight out of 10 taxpayers receive a federal tax refund. Many of them are more than happy to see that "extra" money drop into their bank accounts. In fact, according to a recent TaxAct survey, 61 percent of tax filers said they'd rather receive a big refund than a larger paycheck throughout the year.

Special award for Ohio’s military-friendly schools announced

At an event celebrating April as the Month of the Military Child at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria announced the creation of the Purple Star Award for military-friendly schools. Ohio now will distinguish schools across the state that show a commitment to serving military-connected students and families.

Ohio 529 plan ranks high nationwide in long-term performance

Investing in a child’s future calls for a long-range vision, especially if the one of the objectives includes a college education. 529 college savings plans are a great way to save over time in a tax-advantaged manner. No matter the age of a child, it is never too early and it is never too late to start saving for future college costs. However, the sooner the 529 account is started, the longer there is to reach college savings goals.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Missouri Treasurer Eric Schmitt announce launch of MO ABLE for individuals with disabilities

Missouri becomes third state to launch partner program with Ohio’s STABLE Accounts

The Cincinnati Zoo’s Baby Fiona update

Fiona’s morning routine includes walking onto a scale to get weighed and moving from there to the kitchen to drink about 60 ounces of formula. To encourage activity, her care team lets her explore the Fiona-proofed areas of the building (chaperoned). A few days ago, she walked into the dive room shower and stood there. Since hippos like to be wet, her caregiver turned on the water. Fiona played and eventually took a nap with the water running.

Two new degrees offered at The University of Dayton School of Business Administration

The University of Dayton School of Business Administration will launch two graduate degrees this fall in finance and accounting to prepare students for high-demand jobs.

Schedule released for May disciplinary hearings

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct recently announced May disciplinary hearings involving attorneys and judges charged with professional misconduct. All hearings take place before a three-member panel of the board and are open to the public.

Grants proposed for not-for-profit cemeteries in Ohio

A freshman lawmaker has taken up a cause begun late in the last session of the Ohio Legislature that would implement the Cemetery Grant Program recommended by a 2014 task force.

Small nest egg, big dreams? Tips for buying your retirement home

(BPT) Planning for retirement means making a lot of decisions, including when you'll stop working, how much you'll withdraw from your savings each year, and where you'll live. Many Americans view retirement as an opportunity to move into a house they'll love and live in for all their golden years. In fact, 64 percent of retirees either have moved or plan to move, according to a Merrill Lynch survey.

9 tips to boost productivity in the workplace

(BPT) If you feel like you're working more, but getting less done, you're not alone. Employees are working an average of 44 hours per week, but only think 29 of those are productive, according to a new survey of 1,200 full time office workers.

Veterans Service Commissions assist veterans and their dependents across Ohio

Each of Ohio’s 88 counties has a veterans’ service office to help veterans understand what benefits are available to them and their dependents, and to help them apply for these benefits. Each veterans’ service office also has a Veterans Service Commission (VSC), whose members are responsible for overseeing the work of that office. While this article focuses on the work of the Stark County VSC, it provides an overview of the types of services available to veterans and their dependents throughout Ohio.

Supreme Court of Ohio to hear three oral arguments today, including one on a triple murder trial

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in three cases today and four tomorrow Among the cases to be heard today is one which raises questions about the legal proceedings surrounding a man’s death penalty conviction for rape and three murders.

Youth hunters find success during 2017 youth wild turkey season

Many young hunters found success during Ohio’s 2017 youth spring wild turkey season after 1,895 birds were harvested, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).